Moving Out? Donate your stuff!

Now that the craziness of Earth Week is over, what ever will you do with your time? Study for finals? Nah..

Start packing to move out? Eh.. How about donating to charity??

Chuck It

Chuck It for Charity is UVA Sustainability’s annual donation drive for students on Grounds moving out. You can donate old clothes, school supplies, small electronics/appliances, dorm furniture, etc! Better yet, drop off locations are all around Grounds. Donation collections for Chuck It for Charity begin Thursday, April 30th and end Saturday, May 9th.

List of drop off locations by dorms is below:


If you live at.. Drop off at..
Old Dorms (Bonnycastle, Dabney, Echols, Emmet, Hancock, Humphreys, Kent, Lefevre, Metcalf, Page) Goodwill Tents in Quad – beginning April 30
New Dorms (Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington, Watson-Webb, Woody) Lobbies
Brown Tucker Kitchen
Bice Basement Study Lounge
Copeley Building 836 Computer Lab
Faulkner Younger Computer Lab
Gooch/Dillard 384 and 388 Lounges
Hereford Green Room
IRC Gwathmey Game Room
Lambeth Commons Assembly Room
Shea House, Casa Bolivar Shea House 211
Anywhere Else Student Activities Building M-F 9AM-3PM

If you live off Grounds, Chuck It for Charity is still accepting donations! Off Grounds Chuck it for Charity on Monday May 19th and Tuesday May 20th at the following locations:

  • MSC MadHouse (780 Madison Avenue)
  • 516 Brandon Avenue (Bice Parking Lot)
  • Cavalier Crossing (100 Wahoo Way)
  • 611 Rugby Road
  • 1508 Grady Avenue
  • The Pavilion at North Grounds (Arlington Blvd)

Chuck It for Charity offers students a convenient way to donate items they no longer need.

Questions? Visit or contact Lauren ( for more information.


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