Even Greener Gardening

With the winter chill long gone, its time to bring out the seeds and trowels and get our hands in the dirt! Here are 5 sustainable gardening tips for a greener growing garden:

  1. Grow native, climate-appropriate plants. Plants that can tolerate your environment will be easier to grow, requiring less water, soil additives, and overall energy to produce them.
  2. Compost. Composting creates rich organic material that will benefit your soil. Plus no need for artificial fertilizers!
  3. Collect rainwater in barrels to use to water your plants. You can save a lot of water this way.
  4. Choose organic weed and pest control methods, instead of chemical herbicides and pesticides. For example, growing Basil with tomatoes repels flies and mosquitos (and improves the taste of the tomatoes).
  5. Add a layer of mulch to your garden. This enables the soil to retain more moisture, protects plant roots, and helps cut down on weeds.

Enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labor! 🙂

male hands holding bunches of vegetables in field

Ideas from planetnatural.com, motherearthnews.com and organicauthority.com.

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