How To Have a Sustainable Summer

Now that classes are over and most of you are not staying on Grounds, it is easy to forget to be sustainable on a day-to-day basis, especially when in new environments. However, here is your chance to make your home, office, or city more sustainable! I’ve compiled a list of easy things you can do this summer to help out the planet.

1. Start composting in your backyard! Just set up a simple bucket with a lid and a compostable bag inside, and let your food waste decompose itself. Then use it later on in the summer as mulch for a garden!

2. Start a garden! Planting one vegetable or flower, can lead to a desire to plant more, and before you know it you are supplying your home with food and a good view! More than that, you are bringing more diverse life to your yard and adding to our ecosystem.


3. Be zero-waste at work:

-Bring only reusable water bottles and coffee mugs (if you don’t make coffee, bring your mug to a coffee shop and they will most likely give you a discount!)

-Pack your own lunch, and put it in reusable containers.

-if your office doesn’t recycle, ask them why! This is your change to get a company to start paper/bottle recycling or even compost!


4. Walk or bike places whenever possible! It is good for your mental health to be outside and active, and its good for the planet for you to not use a car.

5. Close your blinds during the middle of the day when your house gets the most direct sunlight- it’ll prevent excess heat from getting inside. By doing this, you can lower the AC and not use as much energy to supply cold air.

I hope everyone has a great + green summer!



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