We’re Back!

Dear readers, friends, and family,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our new blog season for the Fall 2015 semester! I hope that the posts we write continue to inspire you to try new things or to think differently. This semester, we have some returning bloggers as well as fresh new faces with unlimited ranges of imagination! In addition to new bloggers, we have many new members joining us at Green Grounds meetings. This semester, our subcommittees include Cans to Cans, the Greening the Corner Initiative, Green Squad, and Sustained Mobility (formerly Parking and Transportation)!

Cans to Cans will be focusing on maintaining and improving infrastructure of can collection and donation. They are always looking for volunteers to help out with picking cans up from fraternities OR dropping bags of cans to the recycling plant. If you are interested, contact Bethany Mosher (bom9aa@virginia.edu) or Brad Jones (bsj7gy@virginia.edu) and they can give you more details. In addition, Cans to Cans will be running a competition among fraternities to see who can recycle the most aluminum. For more information about the competition, check out their website.

The Greening the Corner Initiative aims to decrease waste at the Corner restaurants. Born out of a Global Sustainability class project proposal, the two leaders have designed a model that pinpoints different points of food preparation during which restaurants can decrease waste. From composting to shifting to cloth napkins, there are many ways the Greening the Corner Initiative hopes to target. If you have any ideas you would like to contribute or you would like to get involved, contact Nicki Powell at nap9xd@virginia.edu to get started!

Green Squad has a variety of projects going for them, both long-term projects and short term projects. If you find yourself with a green idea that doesn’t fit any of the other subcommittees, by all means, bring your idea to Green Squad! They have the knowledge, contacts, and tools to help you lead your own project. Bothered by the fact that the reusable to-go container program isn’t widely known? Bring that concern to Green Squad and everyone can brainstorm ways to decrease use of the compostable containers. Like the sound of an anything-goes group? Contact Suchita Chharia at sc5dq@virginia.edu or Megan McDaniels at mem9he@virginia.edu

Sustained Mobility will continue the Biking 101 Workshop this October. (Final date: TBD!) In addition to the workshop, they are implementing the Get Pumped! bike pump program at libraries and gyms. If you find that your bike has a flat tire and you’re far away from a fix-it station, you can rent a bike pump at a library or gym for an hour to bring back to your bike. Other project ideas that are currently underway for SM includes reaching out to Elementary Schools in the Charlottesville area and doing a kid-oriented Biking 101 workshop and creating a “Green Transportation” presentation to present to schools. Sustained Mobility is always looking for new members, even if they have no prior bike experience! In fact, people who want to ride bikes but don’t are our target audience. In other words, how can we get more people biking? If you find yourself in this category, consider joining Sustained Mobility and bring your ideas of what incentives you’d like to see so you can start biking! Contact Meigan McManus at mdm4xa@virginia.edu for more information.

What happened to Environmental Education? This past year, Environmental Education was unable to visit many schools in the Charlottesville area and present on green topics. As a result, Environmental Education will now be a temporary subcommittee and form whenever a school contacts Green Grounds to come and make a presentation to a class. If you are interested in having Green Grounds members come to your classroom to teach a fun lesson, please contact Meigan McManus at mdm4xa@virginia.edu.

Green Grounds always encourages its members to come up with their own projects. The projects big or small, long- or short-term! Speaking on behalf of the exec board, we can’t wait to see what this semester has in store for us.

Here’s to a bright (green) future,

Meigan McManus

Green Grounds Webmaster


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