Mobility week: Europe

This semester I am fortunate to be studying in Valencia, Spain! Be sure to look out for some exciting news from across the Atlantic!

Today in Europe:

This past week, from the 16th of Septemeber leading up until today, has been “Mobility Week” all across the EU. This year the Euaropean Commission is focussing on the theme of sustainable mobility. The campaign engcourages people to use public transport, to walk or bike to work, or use a mix of them. This campaign is great because it encourages people to think about their daily routines and moves them to try new things. Not only does switching from a private car to public transport or cycling create a more sustainable environment but it creates a more active society and reduces costs for a ton of people.

Today Valencia, and many other cities across Europe, is taking part in a “Car Free Day.” City officials have closed the streets in one of the bussiest areas of Valencia, La Plaza Ayuntamiento, and left it open only to pedestriants, cyclists and public transportation. Along with that Valencia has vowed to improve it’s bicycle networks and facilities, improve overall infrastructure, and integrate new traffic regulations within the coming years. All of which will hopefully support a more sustainable environment.

Cheers to sustainability!


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  1. j.taylor says:

    Fabulous! We have so much to learn from European countries’ commitment to sustainability through better transportation. Have a great time in Valencia!

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