Greening the Corner

If you go to UVA, then you must have visited the Corner’s newest addition by now: Roots. This “natural kitchen,” started by an enterprising group of alumni, serves delicious salads and rice bowls. In a Chipotle-esque line, you can walk through and choose whatever veggies and toppings you want or pick one of the pre-designed bowls. It’s a yummy and healthy meal that leaves you wondering why it took so long for UVA to acquire an establishment like this.



Roots’ mission is to provide healthful food for an on-the-go community; the owners were focused on creating a product that will make customers feel good and encourage them to pursue a healthy body and mind. As I eat a “Corner Cobb” in the trendy, modern establishment, I must say that they definitely succeeded. What one might be surprised to find out is, although committed to the sustainability of human wellbeing, some of the restaurant’s practices do not currently represent a commitment to the sustainably of the planet. Yes, I am not lying; although the food and atmosphere would indicate otherwise, all your food waste, cups, lids and straws go to the landfill. HOWEVER, this is changing!! The Green Corner Consulting Committee, a group of Green Grounds students which I co-lead, has approached Roots and pitched our ideas on how to make Roots even better and more likable than it already is by becoming sustainable. Excitingly, Roots is willing to enact change. In fact, we are currently helping them make the transition to recycling, so look out for new signage in Roots coming soon! Next, we will help them tackle composting, which we believe will make the greatest impact on their waste output.

A huge kudos to Roots for being so receptive to change and for supporting us UVA students! We are excited to help them lead the reduction of waste on the Corner, and hope that they will serve as an example to other restaurants. UVA community: a greener Corner is coming your way~



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