Thanks for a great two years!

Hi, there!

Meigan here and I just wanted to leave some parting words as I graduate and pass on the torch to Jimmy Zhao, the new Webmaster for Green Grounds! Thank you, dear readers, friends, family, and other supporters for a great two years on this blog. Back when I started the blog in January 2014, I had been inspired by a blog my friends and I ran in middle school. The lot of us had a posting schedule, so one person posted per day, although I can’t remember what we posted about. Upon entering college, I found myself a fan of A Beautiful Mess, a DIY/lifestyle blog run by two sisters and their friends. Every day, I’d be excited to go onto their website and see what new project, thoughts, or recipes they’d share. As a result, the Green Grounds blog was created, which combined the elements of friends posting every day on  blog and a blog which had a wide variety of posts to share.

I had no expectations for the blog when it began publishing articles in January 2014. Sure, I’d share the articles on the Green Grounds Facebook page or make my own status on my personal Facebook account, but I was delighted and surprised to find that readers from all over the world had found our blog! Again, thank you, readers, for taking the time out of your day to read our posts. The Green Grounds bloggers balance writing blog posts on top of maintaining their school work and other activities. They are the ones who bring the creativity to the blog since I only tell them that the posts can be anything related to sustainability. Thank you for liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts since these forms of support encourage us to keep writing.

Although I will no longer be considered a UVa student, by no means do I plan to remove Green Grounds out of my life. I’ve made wonderful friends, worked with diligent peers, and created unforgettable memories. During my last Green Grounds meeting, I mentioned to people how they should try to find something they are passionate about and explore the opportunities within that passion. Like gardening? Try working at a community garden or a schoolyard garden! Want to do more about consumer waste? Look into working with local restaurants to decrease food waste. Once you find your activity, meet new people. Go out to lunch, have them over for tea, whatever floats your boat. Looking back at my time in Green Grounds, it’s feels so fulfilling to reflect upon the people I’ve been able to impact and how they, in turn, are inspired to carry on the wonderful legacy Green Grounds has of creating student-led projects.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please use my non-UVa e-mail address: This isn’t “good bye,” but more of a “see you later.” I can’t wait to visit UVa again in a few months and see all the progress Green Grounds has made!


Meigan McManus

Green Grounds Webmaster 2014-2015

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