Sustainapitch Night


There is never an earth week event that is not fun, informative, and
exciting. However, SustainaPitch Night this Thursday will be
particularly special. After experiencing last year’s SustainaSupper, I
have realized that bringing students and community members together to
participate in collaborative problem solving can be a special time,
and lead to great ideas.

SustainaSupper last year was fantastic. The attendance was great, and
the audience consisted of community members, students, as well as
faculty of the university. We started off with a catered dinner from
Feel Good, an organization that makes affordable sandwiches and
donates their proceeds to fight hunger.
After satisfying our hunger with delicious panini
sandwiches, we were able to listen to various speakers discuss
sustainability at the university and surrounding communities. From
“Green Grandmas” talking about how to improve the surrounding
community to a student pitching an idea for turning old trucks into
moving gardens, the experience was nothing but positive for all who

This year, the event will be even more exciting. Not only is the new
name “SustainaPitch Night” enticing, but it was also involve an aspect
of competitiveness due to the fact that there will be a prize up for
grabs. The idea ironically came from one of last year’s speakers, who
suggested making the SustainaSupper into an event that may help to
bring these ideas to life. Speakers will pitch ideas about innovative
sustainability solutions, and at the end the speaker with the best pitch
will receive a monetary prize that will allow them to pursue their idea.
The event is crowdfunded, so event attendants pay a $5 donation for dinner
and dinner proceeds fund the winning pitch. The more event attendees, the
more funding for the winning project! I am excited to be pitching at the
event myself, and welcome any and all
competition! Additionally, Feel Good will be catering the event again,
so I can assure you that the food will be amazing as well. If you have
the chance, some out and attend the event. You will not be

By: Brad Jones, Treasurer


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