Green Summer Sharing!

Hello my fellow green people!


My name is Colleen Sloan and I am co-executive director of Green Grounds! As the summer comes to a close I would like to take the time and share with you all the~~cool~~and green things I’ve been up to this summer!


After finals, I spent some time in my homeland, Austin, TX. While Texas is not necessarily known for being a super “green” state, I enjoygreenbelted some very green activities in Austin! Some of these include, kayaking on the lower Colorado River, hiking in the Austin Greenbelt (no, it’s not just desert and cowboys in Texas), and eating locally sourced food at various Austinite restaurants. On that note, if you ever are gonna be in the Austin hood I would love to give you some dank restaurant recommendations.


 Next, my summer travels took me to Manchester, TN where I enjoyed 4 days of live music, food trucks and superb people watching at, you guessed it, Bonnaroo Music Festival! While music festivals may seem like a huge waste producing scene Bonnaroo proved to be eco friendly with its use of compostable kitchenware at every food stand, no glass items allowed, and recycling! Furthermore, they promote reusable water bottle stations as an alternative to plastic water bottles and I can’t bonnarooeven tell you how many camelbaks I saw. I also had the chance to buy carbon offsets to make up for the gas I used to get to and from Bonnaroo. Talk about an eco-event amiright? Not only that, but I was camping and using a solar heated shower bag to take showers so my utility usage was extremely low. Moral of the story, if you have never been to Bonnaroo it’s a great way to meet some awesome people, listen to some music and have a good ole fashioned eco friendly time!


The remainder of my summer, I have spent working for the National Capital Planning Commission and while I was not personally working in their sustainability department I was able to learn about the cool eco projects NCPC is doing as well as attend a conference for Planning for Sea Level Change. That in combination with using public transportation to get to work every day made for a pretty green summer internship!


Keep it Green Y’all!


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