GG Exec and Web Guy Jiaming Zhao and His Summer Adventures

This post is a quick debriefing (with pictures!) of my green adventures this summer.

  1. bikeThe company at which I was interning this summer planned an outing to attend a Washington Nats baseball game, and I decided I would skip the traffic, enjoy the weather, and catch the game by cycling there. I saw that the Nats advertised a free bicycle valet service, so I knew my bicycle would be safe from the dangerous politicians (wink). I unloaded my bicycle at my workplace and announced that I had arrived at the office for the baseball game. Then, when people were preparing to drive/Metro to the stadium, I hopped on my bicycle and rode there (12 mile one-way trip). Guess who got there first? I arrived before 11:00am to the stadium and was the first one to get hot dogs and a seat. My co-workers were instead stuck in traffic and breathing in car farts. I relaxed and enjoyed the first twenty minutes of the game before my co-workers arrived, flustered by the fumes.
  2. cable carAt the end of my internship, my family and I vacationed in California for a week. We visited San Francisco where there were thousands of trolleybuses and cable cars. The cable cars are powered by a central, underground system that pulls the cable cars around San Fran; the benefit of this is that all the power is centralized, and batteries with enviro-harmful components are not there. The trolleybuses are much more widespread. Nearly all the buses and public transit around San Fran were trolleybuses, which are buses that draw power from suspended cables. The picture above showcases a huge interweaving of the cables, which span the entire San Fran city. The benefit of these cables is that there are free-roaming buses that can use clean power and not have batteries.
  3. san jose charging stationsThis was taken in San Jose, which is a city in the heart of Silicon Valley. These parking structures are ubiquitous in The Valley, and allow EV (electric vehicle) users the ability to charge throughout the day.hey look its a teslaOh hey! It’s a Tesla. There were actually hundreds of Tesla vehicles being driven around in The Valley #jealousy
  4. Google solar panel chargerstoyota evAfter visiting San Jose, I headed over to Mountain View. These are giant solar panels at Google’s headquarters that take in the extreme California sun and convert the power into electricity for charging these cars… For free… I saw a great selection of electric vehicles, including a Toyota EV.
  5. santa monica smog Several days later, we arrived in the Los Angeles area, where we explored Santa Monica. The LA area is infamous for its pollution, and I could definitely see/smell why…
  6. bike lanes everywhereThere were bicycle lanes throughout California, and nearly every single city had a dedicated bicycle lane area. If you visit California, I definitely recommend bringing a bicycle, because cycling is much faster than driving in a 6-lane non-moving never-ending rush hour traffic.

Warning: abrupt story ending ahead…

Now I’m back in Charlottesville and ready to have a Green Autumn at UVa.


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