GG Exec Bethany Mosher and Her Summer Impact

My internship this summer was working as a Summer Intern for the partnership between UVA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), with a focus on work with their corporate partnerships.  My focus was on developing analysis on previous corporate water stewardship programs and utilizing that to make recommendations and protocol for future corporate water stewardship programs led by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.
For my work, I did analysis on the costs related to the water replenishment projects, breaking it down into specific categories for NFWF, such as domestic vs. international projects, the size of the projects, and the type of projects.  For each type of relevant category for the type of projects, I used a case study project from a completed corporate water stewardship program as a model for future projects and to highlight potential improvements in both the execution of the project and the accounting of replenishment benefits. I also did extensive research on different corporate water stewardship programs, determining which aspects are most relevant for NFWF’s future programs.  Additionally, I attended NFWF meetings on their Western Water Program to get a sense of how they’ve improved the riparian habitats in the West through voluntary water transactions to increase water availability for fish and wildlife.
This internship was extremely interesting to understand how corporations work with nonprofits to return water to nature as part of their sustainability focus. I was able to work with my supervisor to create useful framework and analysis for NFWF to use in their future partnerships.  The internship was very hands-on and project based, which meant that I always had engaging work throughout the summer.
If you are interested in this kind of internship, professors in the environmental science department would be great resources!

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