Vegetarian Eats: Richmond

Along with colorful murals covering brick walls throughout the city, Richmond, Virginia is well-known for being home to many vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants is located on Addison Street going by the name: Fresca. A small restaurant with a beautiful interior and friendly service, they are an entirely vegetarian restaurant with most meals being vegan!


If the Black Bean Burger or Greek Pizza doesn’t sell you on the place, try to get there early and eat one of their freshly made vegan desserts. The double chocolate chip cookies are simply amazing, and they are made entirely out of vegan products! One of their menu items that I want to try the next time I go is known as the Dessert Pizza, and is a pizza made with peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate, an out of this world combination in my opinion!

Another must try vegetarian place in Richmond is called Goatocado. I ordered the Thai Broth, and it was delicious blend of rose-colored curry and vegetables. The restaurant uses many avocados in their dishes, and is extremely vegan friendly! Many ingredients at Goatocado are sourced locally from within Virginia, and they provide organic ingredients, such as organic quinoa, in their fresh food items.

The restaurant Ipanema is based near the Virginia Commonwealth University campus, and provides an entirely vegetarian based menu along with many vegan friendly options. Not only can you see live music events at the café, but you can also find healthy, vegetarian lunch and dinner options! Ipanema is unique for changing their dessert menu items daily, go there to check out their chalkboard of dessert items towards the back of the cafe! Another great place in Richmond that recently started making vegan cupcakes is called Carytown Cupcakes located in Carytown. From unique flavors such as Chocolate Strawberry or Chai Latte, Carytown Cupcakes makes one of the tastiest vegan cupcakes I have ever tried!

Ipanema Cake 

Next time you’re in Richmond, make sure to try out one of these Vegetarian-Vegan friendly restaurants, they are definitely worth the trip! Grab a Greek Pizza from Fresca, a Thai Broth bowl from Goatocado, a slice of chocolate cake from Ipanema, or a Chai Latte cupcake from Carytown Cupcakes, and explore the rich, colorful murals the city of Richmond has to offer.

Tanisha Shah is a first year student at the University of Virginia. She loves to travel, eat different types of food, and learn about other cultures. She has been a vegetarian for her entire life and has a passion for learning about sustainability and mindfulness in our environment.


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