Let Me Update U (on Our Committees)

Green Grounds is made up of three committees that organize and implement different projects throughout the year. Here’s what we’ve been up to this semester!

Green Squad

Green Squad has been endlessly reaching out to organizations for UVA’s Job and Internship Fair on April 5th from 12-3pm in Newcomb. Additionally, Green Squad has decided to bring back SustainaPitch night! As of now, it will be on April 20th at 6pm (further details coming). We have been deciding on the logistics of the cash prizes given and how the winners will be selected. Stay tuned for more details on SustainaPitch nights and consider pitching your project (whether small or large) at the event in order to get fundraising for it!

Sustainable Space

Sustainable Space Committee members stop to admire nature because it is neat!

Sustainable Space is a new committee to Green Grounds that enhances open green space around Grounds to get more students connected with nature. We are working on two main projects: a proposal to improve outdoor amenities in an open space near the Corner and a Wellness Walk on the O’Hill trails.

Last week, Team Wellness Walk scoped out the trails to determine an appropriate route. Team Corner Green Space is currently surveying student preferences for green space and collaborating with other green organizations to put together our proposal.

Green Corner Consulting

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.13.53 PM
GCC members are (literally) winning!

Our clients right now include Roots, Coupes, Rev Soup, Poke and Hack Cville. We recently performed energy assessments at them all, which has given the owners lots of ideas on how to save money by saving energy. In addition, we are working on making Hack Cville and Coupes recycle-friendly, and planning to build and install a waste-station for Rev Soup so that they can switch to reusable dishes and silverware.

GCC also won the Innovative Green Project Award! We were presented the award by Dorothy McAuliffe, the first lady of Virginia, at the Virginia Green Travel Conference.


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