Green Corner Consulting

The Green Corner Consulting Committee currently advises 6 businesses on UVa’s Corner on impactful sustainable initiatives that will best fit into their individual business models.  We strive to find the most sustainable balance between our clients’ environmental impacts and their profitability. Fortunately, many reduction-based environmental initiatives, such as eliminating plastic straw usage, inherently involves financial savings for our clients! 

Last year, we primarily focused on building up our client base and implementing quick and impactful changes in our clients’ waste management and energy usage.  We ordered recycling bins for the Biltmore and helped to convince them to reduce their straw usage. Members of our committee manually constructed an easy-to-use waste station for Rev Soup to encourage better waste disposal practices.

For our big project last year, we partnered with Coupes to organize a “Skip the Straw, Save Some Sea Turtles” event with live music, food, and a sea turtle themed drink. 100% of the event’s proceeds went directly to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation; the event raised over $400 for the CBF!

Due in large part to the success of the Coupe’s event, this year GCC is focusing on hosting more events for the greater UVa and Charlottesville community in order to raise awareness about environmental business practices. On November 11th from 2-4pm, we are hosting an environmental consulting careers Q&A panel in the Kaleidoscope Room of Newcomb Hall that is free and open to the public. We have several environmental consultants coming to share their stories about their career experience and to answer the audience’s questions about finding jobs in sustainability fields.  Additionally, we are planning on working with Coupes and some other restaurants on Elliewood to host a straw-free bar crawl in the spring. We are still working out the logistics for this event, but we are hopeful that we will be able to further expand the Coupe’s event from last year, spreading our message and impact to even more members of the community.


By Julia Conte, Green Corner Consulting Member

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